A peek into my week in Google searches

All begin with “Pregnancy and…”

  • giant poop
  • sciatica
  • malitol
  • having a cold


One’s that do not begin with “Pregnancy and…” but are relevant:

  • cheap but quality leggings
  • Coldstone nutrition
  • 10 different local pizza places
  • bra extender
  • rebozo

And it’s only Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “A peek into my week in Google searches

  1. Haha, what a week. Mine started out interestingly enough too, as you’ve read… Hope you feel better soon. A lot of moms recommend chiropractic care to help with pregnancy changes. I just went to my first last month and will go again tomorrow. Something to think about…


    1. Oh, nice! I’ve definitely thought about it, but there’s something about chiropractors that scares me…hopefully I can find a gentle one. 🙂 I did go get a prenatal massage, which hurt but did me some good (I think) in the end!


  2. I went to prenatal yoga and my back was so much better! I didn’t do anything we did there at home, but I’m going again today. Also wanted to mention it because it was very focused on acceptance of who and where you are right now, not comparison, and of being maleable with the changes of this experience. It is also, literally, the most laughter I’ve had about the quirks of pregnancy with others going through some similar experiences. Of course, everyone and every class is different, but I would highly recommend trying it! My Google search has been very thorough as well.


    1. Oh for sure! I went to a couple of sessions but ended up not being able to keep up because of my schedule, sadly. But I think I’ll buy a DVD and try to get back into it at home. I wish we had a class in town that wasn’t offered immediately after my ten hour workday.


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