Milestone Achieved: Mucus Plug

There will be a picture below, so gird your loins if you aren’t into globs of mucus. I, however, am so excited.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been totally entranced with the idea of the mucus plug. It’s a romantic thing with a horrid name—here it is, this lovely barrier between baby and the outside world, there to protect and nestle that baby until she approaches readiness. It can regenerate itself, guard against infection and contamination, and losing it means opening up and hopefully getting the show on the road. How cool is that? It deserves a much better name. Something romantic and befitting it’s heroism.

Mine has come out today in several considerable chunks, two big hunks at the OB’s office and a some smaller bits at home since then, and I am psyched. I know it means natural labor could be anywhere from hours to weeks away (37w2d right now), and I’m still not likely to get a natural labor anyway, but it’s just so rad.

Relatedly, I’ve had some sporadic, mild contractions for a couple of days after a hospital visit the other night (more on that soon), but nothing super consistent or unmanageable. Just plugging along over here.

Alright, here comes the mucus. Scroll at your own peril.


Look at you, you little hero. Thank you for protecting my baby for so long. 💞 We’ll try to take over from here.

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